Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Links and other background additions.

I think it would be a good time to discuss what sort of links and other background additions we all would like to see on the blog.

Personally I think links to other key blogs and sites would be very useful as would perhaps a section naming key decentralist thinkers with links to wikipedia or other resources on them.

Any other ideas?


  1. The Human Scale: http://human-scale.blogspot.com/

    Have you seen the above blog?

  2. That's blog pretty crap....

    No seriously, it is my blog so I'm fairly familiar with it.

    Personally I'm a bit busy for the next month or two, so won't be very active on either but hopefully after that we'll really get both moving.

  3. Are you going to link to the likes of CESC and EFSS (http://www.smallisbeautiful.org/)?

    I'd suggest you also contact the OurKingdom UK Democracy blog and see if you could get a few of your posts published there.

    They lack any real input from English regionalists. I can help you contact them if you like.

  4. Thanks. I have posted at OurKingdom myself. I will certainly link to those sites and hopefully will also write a post or two for OurKingdom as well.

    I finish my uni semester at the beginning of December and then I at least will hopefully regularly post here and add the links and such.